8 techniques for teaching with pedagogy


At a time when Education International – representing 30 million teachers and education workers worldwide – is carrying out a survey aimed at comparing teaching and learning conditions in different countries , let’s zoom out a bit on the results of similar surveys at the national level.

According to the latest AFP survey (end of 2013), only 3% of French people have a “very positive” view of school. So when you think that this is nevertheless the only period of life where you learn a new thing every day, where you make friends by snapping your fingers while escaping the constraints of wage labor, where the concept tax increase is a parental abstraction, but also the time of first sexual intercourse, one is entitled to ask:

if 97% of the teaching body fails each year in its mission, if 97% of French people are incorrigible ingrates, or if the very concept of teaching and generating recognition was contradictory, in other words if the majority of people would not believe that they harbor certain hidden gifts for pedagogy, judging the teaching received all the more severely because they have never been in a position to deliver them themselves

Hence this article dealing with pedagogy in a pedagogical way: is teaching counter-intuitive, and why is it so difficult to teach someone something

3 reasons why teaching is so hard

To teach something to someone consisting first of all in accepting the fact that he does not know or understand something which nevertheless has seemed obvious to us for a long time, we will have to make the effort to remember this time when, as the student, we didn’t know either. An effort that is all the less intuitive for the ego in that it reminds us of an ignorant past that we have quickly forgotten.

Teaching something to someone differing from “doing the lesson” by the interest of the teacher in the way of learning of his pupil, teaching therefore requires empathy. Either this ability to put oneself in the place of the other while remaining in his own, whose daily life demonstrates every day how much it can be lacking in our fellow human beings

To teach something to someone based on the ability of the receiver to integrate a message, to transmit demands not only to repeat but above all to repeat differently to find the most receptive “entry channel” in the person in front of him. As a reminder: visuals will retain images and have difficulty analyzing/memorizing sounds, auditory ones will do the opposite, conceptual ones will do neither and learn ideas, as for kinesthetic ones, they crave manipulate anything you say to them with your hands.

8 techniques to teach someone something

You now know the basics of pedagogy. So call your teen, confiscate their iPhone for 15 minutes, and teach them something you like! Transmitting is an unparalleled pleasure.

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