Preparations for passing the medical entrance exam


Passing an entrance exam is compulsory for access to studies in medical sciences or dental sciences. The exam is common to all universities: ULg, UCL, ULB, UMONS and UNamur. My Sherpa offers you different training courses and gives you some practical information about the exam.

Preparation in private lessons at home or remotely

If you prefer to opt for a personalized follow-up, our home courses are the best option. The coaches help you review the theory of the four science subjects: chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics. They guide you through new exercises to check that everything is well acquired. And to review the second part, dealing with communication and the critical analysis of information, we will call on a medical coach, who can guide you correctly as to the attitude to adopt.

Practical modalities of the examination

Opening of registrations: after the publication of the results of the July entrance exam

At Brussels Expo (Heysel Plateau, Brussels)

Subject of the examination

1st part: knowledge and understanding of scientific subjects





The questions will be divided into four chapters:

Reasoning, analysis, integration, synthesis, argumentation, criticism and conceptualization

Communication and perception of conflict or potentially conflict situations

Perception of the ethical dimension of the decisions to be taken and their consequences for individuals and society

The math test is the one that does the most damage

The entrance exam includes tests in chemistry, biology and mathematics in the first part and in reasoning, communication, ethics and empathy in the second part. On all of these tests, it is in mathematics that the pupils obtain the lowest results.

Candidates must present 8 subjects for which they must obtain a minimum of 8/20. They also need an average of at least 10/20 for each of the 2 parts.

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