Yes, pending, no: the possible answers on Parcoursup


On Parcoursup, candidates can receive one of three answers: yes, yes pending, no. What do they correspond to? What are the consequences of these answers for business schools and CPGE EC? Discover all our advice to be on point on D-Day and the days after.

From June 02, 2022, you will receive the answers to your wishes ( bachelor , BBA ,  business schools after baccalaureate in five years , economic and commercial CPGE , universities , IUT , etc.), according to your ranking which takes into account the results obtained according to your admission file or, if applicable, the results of your competition (written and/or oral tests, motivational interview)

Possible answers on Parcoursup for selective courses

In the case of a selective training, either a preparatory class for the great  economic and commercial schools, a bachelor’s degree or a school after baccalaureate , you will receive one of these three answers:

Each proposal has consequences on your choices. Discover all our advice to optimize your choices and respond effectively on Parcoursup. Be sure to respect the procedure and response times. Whatever happens, all candidates will have an answer on June 02th .

From June 02, the ” rank of the last called ” will be displayed when information is available for training so that you can better appreciate your position on the waiting list .

How will you be notified when you receive a proposal?

An alert is sent: to your mobile, via the previously downloaded Parcoursup application, to your personal mailbox. A valid and regularly consulted email address is required when registering on the Parcoursup platform; in the messaging system integrated into Parcoursup. Parents and head teachers are systematically notified when their email address has been entered.

What are the deadlines for accepting or renouncing proposals?

5 days to accept or renounce a proposal. Thus, if you received an admission proposal on May 27, you could accept or refuse this proposal until May 31. 3 days later . You received an admission proposal on June 6, you could accept or refuse it until June 8 inclusive.

during the bac exams : no proposal will be sent to you during the bac exams. Response times are suspended but you will still be able to respond to proposals that you have received before the start of the tests. Resumption of response times after the bac exams, from June 23 until July 15, 2022.

without acceptance or waiver on your part at the end of these deadlines, the place is released for another candidate.

At the end of June, after the written exams for the baccalaureate, candidates with pending wishes and who have matured their choice of further studies will have the possibility of activating an option called ” automatic responder “. This new option is optional . It allows candidates who so wish to go on vacation with peace of mind: they can ask the platform to respond to the proposals they will receive without having to do so themselves.

Where to get information and meet management and business schools?

To complete your information, discover the detailed files of  the directory of management and business schools  or the  files by program  of Studyrama Grandes Ecoles. Content of the training, testimonials, practical information: more than 200 establishments and several hundred programs present their courses, their selection methods, their key figures, the dates of their open days (JPO), their international partnerships, and introduce themselves on video. Visit the  Studyrama Grandes Ecoles fairs  organized in more than twenty cities in France. Register and receive  your free invitation now . Finally, discover the books of the  Studyrama bookstore to assist you in your choices or the success of your competition

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